Special thanks to each of our volunteers (23) that worked to make this event a success. This year

Miles of Freedom was able to provide school supplies and resources for 224 children in the

South Dallas area. Also, this event would not have been a success without the generous donation

of those who support the efforts of Miles of Freedom:

Corporate Donation:

Park South YMCA
Frost Bank/Mrs. Shari Hicks
Centurion Ministries
Be Covered


Individual doantion:

Bethany Wall                      Mr. and Mrs. Rudderow

Mr. Steven Smotrich       Mr. and Mrs. Truncellito

Mr. and Mrs. Boa             Mr. and Mrs. Wolock

R.H. Kilmer                        Kristina Hashler

L.M. Kilmer                        Mr. and Mrs. Blessing

Mr. Leonardo Caputi      Mr. Dale Jacobs

Mr. Richard Jacobs        Mrs. Annajean Arbogast


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