So much fun and excitement at the  2nd Annual Miles of Freedom Gala. We would like to thank every one that came out and supported the mission of Miles of Freedom. Special thanks to all of our event sponsors and donators.


Embassy Suites Dallas Lovefield
Baron & Budd P.C.
God’s Holy Church of Christ
Scott Lowie
Travis French/Dallas Affaires
Tricia Bridges
LeTitia Owens/House of Titia
Martha Hinojosa/Galleria Dallas
Patrick McClinton/AGPA
Leanda Le/Blue Mesa Grill
Teresa Coleman Wash/TeCo Theater
Christian Renee/The Broken Doll Movement
Chris Clark/Raising Cane
James Ard/Ard Knox Insurance
Tim Simmonds/Working Plants
Brenton D. Black/Random Art Gallery
Amelia Wilson
Brad Boa
Gene Phillips
Chris Hawkins

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