Miles of Freedom operates on sponsorships and donations. Our three levels of sponsorship are Breaking Chains, Breaking Bars, and Breaking Barriers.

Attorney Cheryl Wattely

Honorable Judge Ernie White

Sue and Don Rimkus

Gary Dittrich

Kari Steinhour

Mr. and Mrs. Tom McCarthy

Ms. Kathy Ross

Ms. Sarah Mehta

Beth Torah Men’s Club

Ms. Klerlein

Vjtas Sivlte

William Lukashok



Frost Bank

Tricia Bridges

Dr. Carroll Osburn

Craig and Kathryn Hall Foundation

William and Christa Thomas

Brad and Caroll Boa


Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins,

Louis N. Delery

Scott Lowrie

Kristina Hashler

Dr.Klyne Snodgrass

MLK Center

Bukeikle Dube

Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Budd

Mr. and Mrs. Ware

Mrs. Nicole Seligman


North Dallas Kiwanis

Wichita Bar Association

Hampton Richards

Kristen Homyk

Joyce Ann Brown and MASS

Dean Prichard

Salah Boukadoum

Mr. and Mrs. Waddell

Tracy Wallace

Ms. Edith Diaz