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Lawn Care Service

Lawn Care Service

At Miles of Freedom, our Lawn Service serves as a pivotal transition-to-employment training program.
Team members actively participate alongside crew members in our community produce distribution
and lawn care service initiatives. 

With a commitment to excellence, our Lawn Service expertly maintains both commercial and residential properties, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and customer satisfaction. Importantly, 100% of the revenue generated from our Lawn Service directly supports the mission of Miles of Freedom.

By engaging in our Lawn Service, individuals gain valuable skills, experience, and confidence, empowering them to pursue sustainable employment opportunities and contribute meaningfully to society.

Your support of our Lawn Service not only enhances the beauty of our community but also drives positive social impact and transformational change for individuals impacted by incarceration. Consider choosing Miles of Freedom’s Lawn Service as your partner in creating opportunities for second chances and brighter futures.

Our wide range of services includes Basic Lawn Service, Hedge Trimming, Deep Cleaning, Trash Haul, and Leaf Removal.

Whether you’re seeking routine maintenance or specialized assistance, our team at Miles of Freedom is dedicated to delivering exceptional results while supporting our mission of empowerment and re-entry assistance.

We look forward to partnering with you to meet your landscaping and property maintenance needs while making a positive impact in our community. 

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