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Our Programs

Reentry Assistance Program (REA)

The Reentry Assistance Program (REA) provides comprehensive support to individuals transitioning back
into society after incarceration. This includes case management, job readiness workshops, and employment assistance with a focus on securing and maintaining livable wage employment.

By addressing the challenges faced by formerly incarcerated individuals in accessing employment opportunities, REA contributes to equity in the workforce and helps individuals rebuild their lives.

Transition to Employment Program (TTE)

The Transition to Employment Program (TTE) is an innovative initiative within MOF’s social business arm. It provides members with opportunities to participate in paid work ethics training while utilizing resources provided by MOF to secure permanent employment.

This program not only equips individuals with valuable skills but also facilitates their integration into the workforce, promoting self-sufficiency and economic stability.

Produce Distribution Program

MOF operates the Produce Distribution Program, which has been serving the community since 2019. This program offers access to fresh produce to community members without any income or zip code restrictions, ensuring that nutritious food is available to all.

By addressing food insecurity, MOF contributes to the overall well-being of the community and fosters a healthier and more resilient population.

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