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Aubrey Lewis Jones Service Award

About the Award

The Aubrey Lewis Jones Service Award honors the late Mr. Aubrey Jones, Co-Founder of Miles of Freedom, who dedicated his life to improving conditions for individuals, families, and communities impacted by incarceration.

The 2023 Award will be presented at the Miles of Freedom 11th Anniversary Celebration on November 18, 2023.

The nominee selected will receive two complimentary tickets for the Celebration.

Award Criteria

The Award will go to a person or organization that exemplifies commitment and service to assist those impacted by incarceration.

Deadline for nominations is October 2, 2023.


Click here to submit your nomination online.


Mr. Aubrey Jones, Dallas native, was wrongfully incarcerated for a crime in the early 70’s. Mr. Jones worked tirelessly during his time in prison to prove his innocence but to no avail. He spent many hours studying writs; case cites, and other legal material; However, Mr. Jones’ cry would fall on the ears of a deaf legal system.

Mr. Jones eventually made parole but found the transition and challenges of reentry to be overwhelming and mentally draining. Not letting his past detour his future, Mr. Jones pushed to establish a better quality of life for his family and himself. The pressures of reentry began to weigh on Mr. Jones and he was eventually arrested for possession of drugs and re-incarcerated. It was during this time that on Coffield Unit that Mr. Jones met Richard Miles in the law library working on his own case.

Mr. Jones began helping Mr. Miles with his legal filings and encouraged him when the innocence organization began working on his case. Mr. Jones and Mr. Miles established a friendship that pushed beyond the bars. Mr. Jones and Mr. Miles had many conversations about the revolving door of prison and the hurdles of reentry. With the hopes of building an organization for those impacted by incarceration, both men prayed for another opportunity to be home with family.  

Mr. Miles was released in October of 2009 and shortly thereafter in 2010, Mr. Jones made parole. Upon his release, the two reconnected. In 2012, Mr. Jones assumed the role of Co-Founder of Miles of Freedom and dedicated the rest of his life working to improve conditions for the individuals, families and communities impacted by incarceration. Upon his untimely release, Mr. Jones worked to establish programs, visited prisons, drove the shuttle van, oversaw the lawn service, and so much more.

Mr. Aubrey Jones’ life exemplifies the work of those truly committed to change. It is with honor, gratitude and through remembrance that Miles of Freedom presents the Aubrey Lewis Jones Service Award.

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