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Miles of Freedom Acknowledges Second Chance Month

Everyone deserves a second chance, especially those who have paid their debt to society. Giving someone a second chance not only benefits them, but it also benefits society as a whole by reducing recidivism and promoting rehabilitation.

What is Second Chance Month?

Second Chance Month is an initiative that seeks to raise awareness about the barriers that formerly incarcerated individuals face when they re-enter society and to encourage reforms that provide second chances for those who have served their time. The goal of Second Chance Month is to promote policies that help to remove obstacles that prevent formerly incarcerated individuals from finding jobs, housing, and other basic necessities. These obstacles can include limited access to education and job training, discrimination by employers and landlords, and restrictions on voting and other civic activities. It is observed every April in the United States.

Stigma surrounding formerly incarcerated individuals

Miles of Freedom aims to alter the stigma that surrounds formerly incarcerated individuals. When people think of someone who has been to prison, they often have negative stereotypes in mind. They might think of a violent criminal or a drug addict. However, the reality is that formerly incarcerated individuals are just like everyone else. They are people who made a mistake, served their time, and are now trying to rebuild their lives.

But here’s the thing: people who have been incarcerated are not defined solely by their past mistakes. They are individuals with unique talents, skills, and experiences that can contribute positively to society. All they need is a second chance.

Miles of Freedom supports second chances

The good news is that Miles of Freedom works tirelessly to provide that second chance. We are advocating for policies that remove barriers to re-entry, offering job training and educational programs, case management, and providing support to help formerly incarcerated individuals get back on their feet.

Miles of Freedom provides comprehensive employment services to individuals who have recently been released from prison or jail, including job placement, job coaching, and ongoing support to ensure success in the workplace. Our approach is based on the belief that employment is the key to successful re-entry and a positive second chance.

How to Support Miles of Freedom

If you’re passionate about helping formerly incarcerated individuals, there are plenty of ways to get involved and make a difference with Miles of Freedom. One of the most impactful ways to support organizations that provide services to this population is by making a donation.

We also encourage you to become a friend https://milesoffreedom.org/become-a-friend-of-mof


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