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How House Bill 1064 Affects Prisoners’ Good Time Credit in Texas Prisons and Jails

What is House Bill 1064?

Texas ranks second in incarceration rates in the U.S.; 120,000+ imprisoned or 4 out of 1,000 people. With House Bill 1064, many of these individuals would be eligible for an earlier release. House Bill 1064 is an act relating to the award of good conduct time to certain inmates, changing parole eligibility. This bill is sponsored by Rep. Carl Sherman [D] and being presented during the 88th Texas Legislature that convened on January 10, 2023, and will adjourn May 29, 2023. House Bill 1064 directly affects prisoners who are identified as a Class I or Class II inmate; inmates eligible for parole or under any mandatory supervision. Class I eligible inmates can be granted up to 20 days for each 30 days served and Class II up to 10 days for each 30 days.

House Bill 1064 Affects Mass Incarceration

House Bill 1064, if passed, will drastically affect mass incarceration statistics in Texas. This bill will allow eligible inmates to see a parole board in less than half of their sentence to potentially be released earlier. In most cases, this will allow individuals with harsh sentences for non-violent offenses to be released earlier.

How Do Inmates Accrue Good Time Credit?

The majority of people who are incarcerated will eventually be released. House Bill 1064 states, “Good conduct time applies only to eligibility for parole or mandatory supervision as provided by Section 508.145 or 508.147 and does not otherwise affect an inmate’s term.” Good time credit can be used to speed up that process. Inmates can be awarded good time credit if they participate in the following:

  • Industrial program
  • Agricultural
  • Educational
  • Vocational
  • Treatment program

To read H.B. 1064, visit https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/88R/billtext/html/HB01064I.htm


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